Some more updates

Just to let you people know that we've added 2 new pages to the Builds section of the site showcasing a Intel Core 2 Duo build from 2007 and a new Core i7 build built this past winter.

Other than that there have been numerous updates to the site's code to accommodate for slower browsers and greater cross-browser capability plus tiny updates to certain parts of the website that aren't worth mentioning such as typos.

Also I added colors to the main writing.


Redesign of the Site

Well, we put up the redesign of the site and it's looking pretty good. Tomorrow I'll have to look into somehow integrating a content management system (CMS) to easily facilitate adding more entries and to familiarize my self and Tim with the intricacies of using said system.

Yesterday we ran Cat-5e cables out at a local business for their VoIP system that we're implementing which took a couple hours, but at the end the place looked great. The NOS energy drinks and Dr. Pepper didn't hurt either with respect to our focus during the job.

Tax season is upon us and Tim is busily catching up on the accounting aspects. Luckily, I have the job of putting content on the website while Tim slogs through the numbers.

The NCTC & Quentin Jones track meets are coming up on the 14th and 24th, respectively. Show up to support your prowlers!


Day 2 of the Website

What a day! The website is coming along, but it isn't quite finished yet. The navigation bar plus the actual header image need to be finalized somehow also with colors. Perhaps Tim and my self will have a sit down tomorrow to write ideas down and to finalize the website's design. We're toying around with a few ideas for our website but is still very much in flux.

Transparency with the design is an interesting thing to include but it has been presenting some problems. GIF and PNG images support translucent backgrounds but Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) doesn't have support for the translucency (IE7 and up does) while IE6 does support GIF transparency but at the limited color range of 256 colors. Setting the translucency with CSS properties is complicated as well as the property is inherited to its descendants. There are ways around it but then they also introduce other problems such as creating a navigation bar that works with a translucent background.

Oh well, we'll figure something out. More time to be spent on that tomorrow!

Besides the website, we've been working a few computers that came in today. Some of the time today was spent creating a repository on one of our NAS devices of our utilities that we use to diagnose and fix problems for most of the computers that we work on. However, if we can't access the network with that computer then we have to resort to other methods such as using a USB drive or even just taking out the HDD itself and putting it into a system of our own!

The Conflicker (sp?) virus, aka the April Fool's day virus, has been present on a couple systems of ours but it looks like we're going to root it out of the network for once and for all. The standalone utility that we're using will probably remain in the utility repository for a while until the solution is added to one of the many scanners that we use.

An idea for tomorrow: try to figure out some kind of scripting language to use to automate the process for scanning and fixing most of the problems on the computers that we are servicing. Installation script first, manually update the programs, then run a scan script for the programs. Running them all at once can be a terrible burden on the system while most people use the mechanical HDD disks...

Well, that will about do it for today. We'll leave you guys with a small sampling of of the stuff we do at ECS. Enjoy!

IO Drive HD Tach screenshot
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