ECS Build (The Core i7 Build)

This computer was built in the winter of 2008, when Intel had just released their Core i7 series of CPUs. We then decided to watercool it and also to overclock it. Enjoy!

Here are the parts we used: Continue on for more pictures.

ECS Build Picture 1 ECS Build Picture 2
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Here we have all of the components before we have assembled them and the PSU on the right.

ECS Build Picture 3 ECS Build Picture 4
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The PSU has been installed into the lower chamber where it belongs.

We have the Core i7 920 there with a (non-working) 8800GT.

ECS Build Picture 5 ECS Build Picture 6
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The WD 1TB drives are screwed into the lower HDD bay and are ready to go.

A lone Scythe S-Flex fan still in its packaging.

ECS Build Picture 7 ECS Build Picture 8
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An assortment of the stuff that ASUS gives you when you buy their retail motherboard package.

The ASUS motherboard is out in full force before being installed. Look at those heat sinks!

ECS Build Picture 9 ECS Build Picture 10
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The backside of the motherboard before we have put in any retention screws for the water block.

The CPU's slot is ready to be loaded up with the Core i7 CPU.

ECS Build Picture 11 ECS Build Picture 12
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A shot of the Core i7's box and on the right we have the stock integrated heat sink and fan which we are not using as we are using the water block.

ECS Build Picture 13 ECS Build Picture 14
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The beautiful, beautiful Core i7 CPU in its packaging before insertion.

The CPU has been slotted into its... slot.


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More Pics and the Conclusion!