Mark's Build

Mark's PC was built in the summer of 2006 and he still uses it to this day. Here are the specs:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 at 2.4GHz CPU
  • 2x1GB of DDR2-800 Corsair Memory
  • ASUS 8800GT 512MB Graphics Card (upgraded from original 8800GTS 320MB)
  • ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe 975x Motherboard
  • Scythe Ninja CPU Cooler
  • 3 Scythe S-Flex 1600RPM Fans
  • OCZ GameXStream 600w PSU
  • Lite-On DVD Writer
When this computer was built, it was quite formidable, but even to this day it is keeping up to the changing landscape of hardware. Here are some pictures of the weather worn computer:

Mark's PC Picture 1 Mark's PC Picture 2
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On the left I have 2 sticks of 1GB Kingston DDR2-800 memory. On the right we have my Antec P180 case.

Mark's PC Picture 3 Mark's PC Picture 4
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On the left we have a shot of my computer from the back. The blue LED light coming from the PSU is very noticeable at night. On the right we have an overall shot of the case. The PSU I selected has an enormous amount of extra cables. Luckily, the P180 case has good airflow and I've set the cables to a place where it doesn't obstruct the airflow.

Mark's PC Picture 5 Mark's PC Picture 6
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On the left we have my Scythe Ninja CPU cooler (not the Ninja B or any variant of it) which is quite dusty and is probably ready for a dusting. On the right we have a shot of the 8800GT 512MB in action. The fan is moving but the exposure of the camera makes it look like it's still! Again, a dusting is in order, I think.

Well that does it for my build. Any questions or comments? Drop a line off at and we'll get back to you.